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Wondering what’s happening now that the old lumber yard has been torn down? Pretty soon it’s going to be home to The Yard, a multi-restaurant dining and entertainment venture by Tucson native Sam Fox. He’s the guy behind Zinburger, Blanco Tacos, Culinary Dropout, Wildflower American Cuisine, The Arrogant Butcher, and more.

The Yard will feature one of his flagship restaurants, Culinary Dropout. There will be a huge covered “Yard” where you can hang out on couches, play foosball, ping-pong, and corn hole and other games. As you can see from the big empty lot on Grant road, it’s going to be pretty big – 19,000 square feet to be exact.

We’re excited to see The Yard coming to the neighborhood. If you’ve been to any other Fox Restaurant, you know the food and drinks are great, but The Yard promises to be much more than, heavy on the fun and definitely unique to Tucson. The Yard should open later in 2017.









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